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The Verilog data type - zmq5411 column - blog Channel - CSDN.NET

1 integer,Christian Louboutin USA,real and time register type integer is a general purpose register data type ,for the number of operations, the use of integer statement .Integer counter ;/ / general purpose variable used to counter initial counter = 1 ;/ / put - 1 storage to register real :real constants and real register data type using the keyword real statement ,you can use the metric system or scientific notation to represent .
Real statement with no limits ,the default value is 0 ifa real number to an integer ,christian louboutin outlet,then the real will be taken to the nearest integer .Real Delta ;/ / define a delta called the real variables time register :simulation is in accordance with the simulation time ,Verilog uses a special time register data type to save simulation time .
Time variable through the use of the keyword time to declare ,its width implementation-independent ,a minimum of 64 bits.By calling the system function to $time can obtain the current simulation time .
An array of 2 Verilogas a statement ,integer time ,reg ,real ,realtime and vector type of array ,the array dimension is not restricted ,can declare any dimension array .Line array can also be used to connect the port example ,each element in the array can be used as a scalar or vector ,in the same way to use, like &lt ;array ;&gt ;&gt ; .
Integer count ;/ / by eight count variable component array reg bool ;/ / by 32 1Booleanvariables to registers comprising the array wire w_array2 ;/ / statement 8vectorarray note: do not the array and the line or register vector mix .
Vector is a separate element ,its width is n ,array composed of multiple elements ,wherein each element width of N or 1.3 memoryused in Verilog one-dimensional array to represent the memory register .
Digital elements each become an element or a word ( word ) ,by an array index to specify .Each word width for 1or more.Note that the N 1 bitregister and an n bit register is different .
If it needs to access the memory of a specific word ,can pass the address as the array subscript to complete .Reg mem1bit ;/ / 1K 1bit memoryreg membyte ;/ / 1K byte(8 bits ) memory membyte membyet / / out of membyte address 511atbyte 4 parameter Verilogusing the keyword parameter within the module definition constant .
Parameters represent constants ,variables such as assignment ,but each instance of a module parameter values can be overloaded in the stage of compilation .Through the parameter load module example so that users can customize .
In addition to parameters of the type and range of definition .Parameter port_id = 5 ;/ / define constant port_id of 55 character stringstored in a variable of type reg ,Christian Louboutin Shoes,each character takes 8 bits( one byte) ,therefore register variable width should be large enough to accommodate all the characters ,so as to ensure the .
If the register variable width greater than the size of the string ,then Verilog 0to fillthe vacant position on the left .If the register to the width is less than the size of the string ,the string is Verilog amputated left most bit .
Value of 1 kinds offour level logic value level hardware circuit in the condition of 0 logic 0,the condition is false 1logic 1,the condition is true X logic value of uncertain Z high resistance ,floating state in addition to the logic value, or use Verilog intensity value to solve the digital circuit in different intensity of the driving source between the assignment conflict .
Strength grade type degree Supply driver Strong driver Pull driver Large strongest storage Weak driver Medium storage Small stored Highz high resistance weakest if two has a different intensity signal to drive the same route network ,competition results for high intensity signal value .
If two of the same strength signals that occur between competition ,then the result is uncertain value .2 wire mesh wire mesh ( net ) said hardware unit is connected between the .Network general use the keyword wire statement .
If no explicit instructions for vector ,then the default line net width of 1 .Network default values for Z ,( trireg type line network exception ,christian louboutin uk,the default value of X ) .Its value by a driving source to determine ,if there is no driving source lines of the network value of Z Net is not a keyword ,it represents a set of data types ,including wire ,wand ,wor ,tri ,triand ,trior and trireg etc.
.The 3 registerused to indicate the storage element ,it keeps the original value, until being rewritten .Note: not to be here to register and a practical circuit by edge trigger hardware registers confusion .
In Verilog, the term register only means a maintain numerical variables .With the network of different ,register is not required to drive the source ,but also as a hardware register that require a clock signal .
In the process of simulation of any time, register value can be changed through assignment .Register data type by reg keyword to declare ,the default value for the X .4 vectorline network and register data type can be declared as a vector ( width greater than 1 ).
If the statement does not specify the width ,the default is scalar ( 1)wire a ;/ / scalar network variable ,the default wire bus ;/ / 8 bitbus reg clock ;/ / scalar register ,the default reg virtual_addr ;/ / vector registers, 41the bit width of thevirtual address vector by low # :# that ,Christian Louboutin,in brackets the number to the left is a representative vector of the highest effective bit .
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Die Toten Hosen - Last.fm exploring music, video,

From Germany Dusseldorf veteran band Die Toten Hosen,Christian Louboutin,Louboutin Pas Cher,christian louboutin, was founded in 80 years in Germany in the early punk movement era,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,christian louboutin outlet, is a little taste of the famous German industrial band Punk Metal.Die Toten Hosen is translated into English & # 8221; deceased Pants & # 8221; (The Dead Trousers) means,christian louboutin sale,Louboutin Outlet,christian louboutin shoes, in the German language probably mean & # 8221; there is nothing new in 8221 & #;.
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In 2011 December Archive - poem sword scholar column - blog Chan

AE multilingual application appeared in the load rise situation,christian louboutin, even if the restart after 10 hours later,Christian Louboutin USA, CPU slowly from 1 to 4 to being eaten up nuclear nuclear.?? And cluster of 8 machines are so,Christian Louboutin Shoes, so the application of own began to analyze the reasons.
Two days before the tracking no results,christian louboutin uk, then a class according to the TB master analysis inspired: about us and ys high problem analysis: when the US value is too high,christian louboutin shoes, that run applications consume large amounts of CPU.
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